We are The Army of Darkness. We are the Non Skating Officials of Copenhagen Roller Derby and this is our blog.

This blog will concentrate on the finer details of NSO’ing. It will have in-depth discussions of the variety of tasks and jobs you do as an NSO, tips & tricks, practical how-to guides and personal accounts from the trenches of the battle known as Roller Derby officiating.
The goal will be to give you tools that will make your work as a roller derby official easier, better and all together more awesome. Hopefully in an engaging and inspiring way that’ll result in some “Eureka”-moments, some approving nods and maybe even a smile or two.

We take our jobs as officials serious but we prefer to think of ourselves as “Team Awesome” instead of “Team No Fun”.
That means we always do an impartial, professional and fair job officiating, but we do have fun while doing so. And nothing brings a smile to our faces like roller derby officiating done properly!

The blog posts will be written by the different members of The Army of Darkness; Iron Monger, Freddie Merciless, Barney Trubble, Minnie Mayday, Rambling Raven and Record Breaker.
A lot of the opinions expressed at this blog will represent The Army as a group of officials, but some might be the personal beliefs of the specific writer of the blog post. We will try to make this as clear for you as possible.
Even though we are the officials of Copenhagen Roller Derby, the opinions expressed on this blog are solely related to The Army of Darkness and not our home league.

So welcome to the blog of The Army of Darkness and please remember that: “Those in black – rule the track!”

On behalf of The Army,
Record Breaker & Freddie Merciless

You can contact us at nso(at)copenhagenrollerderby.com

You can follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/armyofdarkness.crd

We also run a tumblr that shows the lighter and laughable side of our life in The Army of Darkness. http://army-ofdarkness.tumblr.com/

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